Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Hollywood Moms Night" - The Next Best Thing To Going Out With Your Girlfriends!

Can’t make it to girls’ night out tonight?  Hollywood Moms Night is the next best thing!  Stay with me, mamas!  I know what you’re thinking…the “Hollywood” makes you think of the Kardashians, private chefs and limousines, 24-hour nannies to moms who’ve never woken up in the middle of the night to their crying gassy babes.   This delightful show isn’t about those Hollywood moms.  It’s about as close to real as I imagine you can get in Hollywood.
The dish is this… if you can’t get out for a dinner party with your girlfriends (and you don’t feel like cleaning your home to host one), just pour a glass of vino and join these moms for a relaxing night in filled with laughter and nods of understanding – you’ll be shouting out:  “I’ve been there!” and “Oh, no she didn’t!”.  Just like us real moms, they enjoy taking the time to get pretty and put on that new dress, delight in bringing their own dishes to the party (who really cares if it was bought or cooked) and just talking about what girls talk about.  From how they met and fell in love with their men to what to call their sons’ privates-I was happy to hear that penis is indeed one of them! 
Known for their fun dinner parties, besties Alison Sweeney and Ali Landry are now hosting these dinners on-camera.  I decided to tune-in because I’ve always been a fan of Alison; I adore her style and down-to-earth persona as seen on The Biggest Loser.  The hour-long premier proved Hollywood Moms Night to be the essence of a real dinner party with real moms!  I love it!  The show even caught Alison having to balance decorating, cooking and dolling up all before and after a day at work.  Sound familiar?  That’s why this show is beautiful…it’s relatable!
It’s what Trina and I are so passionate about.  Real moms being real.  Beautiful.  Strong.  Even sassy – Niecy, we’re talking to you!  As we’ve said in many of our posts, we’re all in this world of motherhood together…we might as well share the great things we find that make us smile, laugh or even just know we’re not alone in some of our crazy motherhood experiences.
If you like reality shows but you’re tired of the over-the-top, over-dramatized, not-a-bit-relatable takes on reality, you have to check this out!  It’s refreshingly gratifying.  So ladies…moms…join me Sundays via TV Guide channel at 8:00 p.m. and let’s raise a glass to real moms, even if they are in Hollywood!
***Going to be up late tonight?  Tune in at 11:00 pm. for a showing of the premiere episode of Hollywood Moms Night on TV Guide Channel!  If not, it looks like they will rerun the premier every day from now until Sunday.