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Must. Have. Wine.  
88 Reasons Mommies Should Pour That Glass Tonight

Don't give me warm and fuzzy without showing me you honestly know what motherhood is about by also sharing those downright dark moments, the giddy moments, as well as those times we feel literally insane.

Moms want relatable…not just the deep, almost impossibly optimistic stories plucked from the fluffy clouded skies of the near miraculous that are in Chicken Soup for a Mother's Soul, but a book that focuses on every emotion-from the raw and edgy, to the joyous and touching, down to the laugh out loud ridiculous; our collection delivers to inspire all moms to find and embrace their own identities as mothers. Each of the stories assures “Hey there sister, you’re not the only mom not living up to society’s latest standards of the perfect mom, so pour that glass of wine, forget that everyone is judging you and relax already!  We're all in this together, after all.”