The Anti-Chicken Fingers Movement

What is this outrageous, highly controversial movement, you ask?  We've found that as busy moms, we waver from our promise to feed our children only the healthiest and best of foods...even giving into the terrible french fry, chicken nuggets, and corn dog madness.  We've decided it's time we all take a stand. 
We are up for the challenge to share our journey with creative and healthy cooking, all the while balancing diaper duty and sippy cups!
This is for all moms out there! We will try out some new recipes and share our old ones each week- blogging the ingredients and instructions. You can count on a recipe from Katrina every Sunday and one from Leah on Saturdays.  We’ll have pictures (when available of course!) to illustrate the fabulousness of each dish and details on how the whole family took to it.   We hope you will enjoy!!!