Meet Leah

Once upon a time known as Leah B, this mommy of two sees life as one huge Saturday Night Live skit.  Always have.  That’s just where my mind goes.  I can see the ridiculous in almost anything.  And if I don’t see the funny in something at the time, I can usually grasp it after the intensity wears off.  I love movies, running, cooking, going out to eat with my girlfriends, and though you can often find me enjoying an ice cold Heineken, a nice glass of Chianti is my real delight.   

I spent my childhood growing up in a happy and secure Air Force family credit given direct to my wonderful parents and awesome brother.  I’ve always found the question Where are you from? to be quite precarious.  Is it where I was born?  Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Where I finished high school?  Manassas, Virginia.  Where I lived the longest?  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Or the two cities that have my heart and my best friends?  New York City and Nashville, Tennessee.  I’ve moved around my entire life, the first 18 years because my father was in the military and the past several because I couldn’t get enough of experiencing new places and people.  I may not have the perfect answer for that question, but I’m happy that my husband and I have decided that South Carolina is where we want our kids to be from.

I have been married to my Colorado man, Zac for over four years, though we’ve been together for almost 11 years since meeting in La Jolla, CA.  Our two amazing sons, Luke and Zealand (often called ZZ as named by his brother when he was barely even crawling) are my inspiration to follow my passions and live my dreams.

Oprah Winfrey once said, “Making a different choice gives you the opportunity to live a different life.”   After years working in marketing, I have decided to follow my passion for writing.  It’s in my blood after all.  My mom, Carole Bellacera, is a published author.  It is thanks to her that I found the best writing partner in Katrina.  She compliments me so well.  Whenever I become stressed or unfocused she is right there to rally me through.  I am blessed to have also found a great friend in her.

Katrina and I have completed one book and with the launch of this blog, I can’t stop writing.  I had the option of a blissful nap today and I chose to write.  That is how I know this is what I’m meant to be doing with my life…in addition to nurturing this family o’ mine and having lots of fun along the way - enter: girlfriends. 

My favorite books include White Oleander, Julie and Julia, This Is Not The Story You Think It Is, Dead Weight, The Art of Racing in the Rain, Room, The Help and everything my mom has written.  I enjoy a variety of music though you’ll always find Madonna, James Taylor, Gwen Stefani, George Michael, Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas and a mix of jazz on my playlist.  My favorite TV shows are Saturday Night Live (of course), Parenthood, 30 Rock, competitive cooking shows (but not baking or desserty shows), Desperate Housewives and I’m slightly addicted to The Weather Channel.

I’m thrilled to write for a community of moms who just need to know we’re all going through the same things.  Maybe at different times or stages, maybe in different environments and different geographic locations, but we’re all living it.  I hope you enjoy our blog whether you gain pleasure from just a laugh or you learn that you really aren’t alone.