Meet Katrina

I'm the girl people always want to slow down.  I talk fast, I think fast, I eat fast, I walk fast.  I am always in a hurry, so don't slow me down!  Too many things to see and do thank you very much!  Whether it's chasing after my two young children, cooking for my family, working, or writing; I'm always on the move.
I was born to a very driven father and a super supportive mother…they taught me that I could acquire the world if that's what my dream was.  I always dream big…fight big…go big if you know what I mean.  I may enjoy the simple things in life, but that’s never been what I strive for.
When I got married to my husband and we started our family, I realized even more so that I had to start following my dreams.  If not to build an empire for my children, at least to show them to follow your heart and go for what you want in life.  If you fall, get back up.  If you fail, try again.  That’s my motto.  Trust me; I’ve had my list of failures in my life.  I hope to end it however with a big bang and a list of successes that only most have fleeting thoughts about.  Hey, I’m only 30, I have time!

When I recently gave my notice to leave a career I knew my heart wasn't in 100%, people thought I was crazy.  Of course they did...most people don't have enough guts to follow their dreams, and the ones who do often give up before they see the success.  Your career is only as good as the amount at which you enjoy it...period! I just thank God I have the gift of writing, and have found that true well as have a supportive husband that makes it possible to even do.
So…do I wake up a little crazy most days?  Yes - but these days, minus the 40-hour work week...I'm finding an inner calm that before I could have only imagined.  And, at the end of this untraveled road, I picture a serene and peaceful ending to my journey.   Running across the finish line and knowing that no stone has been left uncovered…no path unbeaten.   That in itself, is true success.