Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall in Colorado

I am totally enamored with the state we live in.  It's hard to explain the wonder of having four seasons to someone who hasn't experienced it, but for me...a person who has lived in states that don't have all the seasons...it's something special.

I love winter, it reminds me of Washington and growing up.  I love the snow, making snowmen, snow angels and going sledding.  I used to snowmobile, which was a blast.  And of course, wintertime brings some of my favorite holidays.  By the time I'm over winter, it's about time for spring.  It's exciting to start anticipating flowers and warmer weather.  Just when you think you are enjoying the warmer temps, summer hits, and you are having fun at swim lessons and enjoying cocktails at BBQ's.  Then...there's fall.  For those of you who haven't been to Colorado in the fall, it's amazing.

My family and I got to spend a wonderful day up in the mountains where my husbands hunts recently.  I couldn't get as good of pictures this year as last because there was a fire and smoky air, but you'll get the general idea.  The leaves are changing, and it's gorgeous.  The air is cooler, and you can smell it.  Fall has arrived!

I want to personally thank all of our followers, the ones who let us share our lives with you and let me know how much they enjoy (and sometimes don't enjoy! LOL) our posts and our recipes.  Having you to share it with means the world.  Have a fabulous week!


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