Thursday, May 31, 2012

Here I Go Again...Models and Photoshop

Do you see something wrong with this picture?  Tell me...what do you see?  No boobs...boobs.  No cleavage...cleavage.  It's magic!  No, it's not magic, it's called photoshop.

I also bet she has to diet and workout constantly to stay super thin.  Now...I'm just guessing here but I'd even venture to say Victoria's Secret keeps it's models on a strict routine/regimen.  If you get a few pounds overweight; you are warned.  If you stay a few pounds overweight, you are fired.

We wonder what's wrong with our daughters, with ourselves.  We can't keep up with society's standards, because they aren't realistic.  Miranda Kerr looks teeny in the first photo, and often times photos have you looking ten pounds bigger than you really are.  How can any of us be as small as her?  Or, would we even want to be?  If you've read some of my previous posts, you see where I refer to Vintage ads when shapely women were more beautiful, or poking fun of today's view of beauty and how thin it is.  I realize, I've already covered it.  But...have I really?  Look at this picture to the left.  This is just a normal girl, with dark hair, blue makeup and imperfect, sweaty skin.  We can all relate!  So, then, who is this girl to our right?  This perfect version of gorgeousness...?  I'm not saying makeup isn't important.  But...look at everything from her cheeks...her lashes, her lips...her startling white teeth.  Her flawless skin and brows...her impeccable skin.  Just great lighting and makeup artists?

Gisele Bündchen and a Pair of Skinny Legs | gisele bundchenOr even favorite...or not so favorite-the same dame that said women should be forced to breastfeed for six months, as a mom of not even ONE YEAR. Oh dear Gisele, I didn't realize you were a doctor and could actually tell me how long I should breastfeed.  Or that you actually understood what it was like to have to stop breastfeeding because your baby had colic and couldn't handle the protein  in your milk.  Or, that like many moms, you had to work a real job where you were gone 9-5 and it made it impossible to keep up with the milk supply.  Oh that's right, you don't know what that's like.  So, you should maybe shut your mouth??!  I don't know, but that's my opinion!  An entire other article, so I'll keep going!  Check out those legs!! Now, maybe I'm targeting Giselle a bit because I don't like her, but hello, can you see, chicken legs?  Now, look at the other picture, the photoshopped picture.  What do you see?  Shapely, muscular, feminine yet...not chicken-legs!'s amazing what photo-shop can do!!!!!! (By the way, she's 5'11'', and 125 pounds.  Tell me that's normal!).  Then, there's Heidi hello.  Look above.  BOOBS!  Look below right: no obvious six pack, no womanly legs.  Hmmm..
heidi klum bikini italy 01
Dear Victoria's Secret...I urge you, help us help ourselves, and our daughters, and even society in general by hiring models who actually look like humans and women...please!  You could start a movement...the Marilyn Monroe Movement! And you'd sell tons of bra's and swimwear...I promise, likely MORE!  Lets do it together.  Check out below pictures from Glamour!  The one on the left in the first pic is called a Plus Size Swimsuit model...seriously?  I think she looks much better than the skin and bones I see above! The photo to the below right is her as well...she looks amazing!  Has she been photoshopped?  You bet she has!  But at least when we walk by her on the street, she's not so thin it's almost unhealthy...and her body is just altogether more realistic with what you see in today's "everyday" women.

Lets make a change, starting with one of the largest fashion/retail magazines in America. You with me?   ~ Trina

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