Friday, May 11, 2012

How Much is Too Much?

It's a discussion I joke around with my friends about frequently.  We poke fun and laugh about the fact we all revel in a glass or sometimes a bottle, of wine.  After a stressful day, there's nothing like sitting down and having that first sip, feeling your shoulders relax and your worries slip away.  After awhile, this may be that one thing you look forward to after a hectic day.  That one moment of utter peace, no matter how quickly it fades.

I believe I was blessed without an addictive bone in my body.  I know this for a fact because in my experimental, wild partying days...I long ago would have been addicted to something, anything - most definitely drinking.  I always had the ability to pick up something, then stop without a second thought.  I've seen friends and family go the other direction though...and it makes me wonder what in my genetics makes me immune to such things.  Why some people have a vice that takes over their lives, and other people can control it.  It doesn't seem fair...however because I'm at the positive end of that ratio I'll take it without too many complaints.

I've went months where the only drink I ever picked up was on the weekend, depending if we were at a social event.  Then there's times where I have at least a glass of wine every night.  Especially lately, because the stress from work and trying to balance life in general has me so tuned up all the time I need something to help me relax.  I've decided due to calorie intake, no more wine Monday-Thursday.  Just like that.  Instead, I've started running again to release the stress and anxiety.  I'm assuming I'll have better, healthier results...don't you think? While I thoroughly enjoy having a glass of wine while I's really not a big deal.  

I wonder, how much is too much?  When do you cross the line into that place where you can't go back?  I read an article recently about a mom who started putting wine in her coffee mug in the morning.  She started noticing that she was shaking and had this urge to drink, starting as early as 9:30 am.  I don't know about you, but I can't even imagine drinking wine at 9:30 am.  Back in my twenty's, we had a few camping trips where the early mornings began with Boone's farm. Who didn't at that age!? Now I think...noon maybe, but 9:30?   No, coffee please!  

So, I ask you, how much is too much? For me, too much of anything is when I lose control.  That goes with eating, drinking....anything.  If I feel the control slipping, I re-evaluate because I hate the feeling that I don't have a good grip on the reins.  And when it comes to my life, I like to be the one steering...

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