Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Covenant Cookies - A Gift of Delectable Bites, Inspirational Messages

Words are powerful. They can build you or tear down - and become reality.

That's why these elegant little cookies are so great!  Well, one of the reasons!  Covenant Cookies allows you to send that custom positive message to someone you care about via dipped and decorated fortune cookies. 
Yes, the cookies are delicious (much better than the plain, stale ones you get at the Chinese restaurants) - but it's the inspirational fortune that delivers the real treat.  I knew this gift was coming to me in the mail-even so, I was as excited as a little girl getting fan mail response from one of the New Kids On The Block 20 years ago! Almost any package addressed to you is exciting, but one with a classy box, wrapped in a satin bow containing gorgeously decorated fortune cookies individually dipped in chocolate - I'll say it - made my day!

Here's an example that I thought of: You have a girlfriend who just got initiated into the world of mommyhood.  It's week 3 and your bestie is overwhelmed with her newborn - the excitement of the "new" has worn off, the lack of sleep is catching up with her and she's breaking down. So picture this...she opens the package that has just arrived at her door. Upon opening, she is hugged by an elegant container filled with just what she needs - sweets! She's so touched she almost cries. But it's not until she cracks open her fortune "You're a strong mama. Hang in there. It gets easier!" that she does cry.  The words are powerful, and they build her up. She enjoys a couple of the tasty treats and is ready to conquer the rest of her day. Next time you talk, she can't thank you enough!  And then she pays it forward and has a basket delivered to her sister.

So whether you want to encourage a friend, thank your mom, or tell your husband you really do appreciate him; Covenant Cookies is the classy and delicious way to send your love!

For information about Covenant Cookies, please check out  Covenant Cookies's website or call 888-MYCOOKIES.  Don't forget, Father's Day is just around the corner and Covenant has just the right gifts for his sweet tooth (check out this golf themed fortune cookie!)

Please email and let us know about your experiences with Covenant Cookies!

Leah and Trina

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