Friday, May 18, 2012

The Case for Beer - Why You Should Enjoy It & Enjoy It Right

While Trina and I are avid promoters of the wine industry, there is a special place in my heart for a good ol' beer.  Maybe its flashbacks of a simpler time-those super fun college sorority days.  Or just the idea of a backyard BBQ full of friends and family with an ice cold Sam Adams in one hand and a croquet mallet in the other.  I love beer.  And I love all types.  Sam Adams is my go-to these days, but I enjoy my husbands favorite (Stella Artois) and we have history in Sierra Nevada and Yuengling.  I remember the low-carb days of Mich Ultra Amber. I'll sip a Guinness, but wouldn't order two.  So, I say, grab a beer tonight and crank up your radio and belt out a good song like "Sweet Home Alabama"...something you can raise your bottle high as you dance around with some good friends.  Enjoy another fun infographic from - L'chaim!

Beer Infographic

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