Thursday, May 17, 2012

Skinny Girls are Not Glamour Girls!


Dear Marilyn Monroe, if they ever bring the "big"sexy back, you've got some competition is all I'm sayin'!

  I wasn't born the naturally skinny girl.  Even at my smallest, I have curves that can't be mistaken.  If you call me small, likely you are just being nice.  Only recently, I've begun to appreciate these curves and realize that I truly would rather have hips and a butt than what is now considered sexy.   Sexy in today's world?  Manly.  No hips, no butt, no nothing.  Manly....or Gisele Bundchen...sorry, but true!

  My friend and I constantly banter back and forth about society's view
on beauty, and how thin is the new "in", and how unhealthy has somehow replaced healthy in what's sexy today.  While she's thin, she understands how it feels to not be "thin" enough, or "perfect" enough, and is just like every other women, fighting to fit in.  Which means, nobody's in the clear my friends.

A few weeks ago, she sent me a link to some vintage ads about gaining weight.  Since I've never, and I mean, never seen ads about gaining weight...naturally I was intrigued!  Who wants to gain weight?  Who ever wanted to gain weight?  Hello people, it used to be cool to be thick.  People use to pay to gain weight.  Now if we can just convince Vogue and Cosmopolitan to hire models that are a size 6 instead of a size 0 (and no, I do not consider that a plus size, and neither should anyone else!), we could maybe start seeing some changes.

She sent me the link; mostly because she knows how fired up I get and likely thinks its fun to get me going.  I did steal the pictures of the ads (yes, I know...this is not acceptable in today's tech world!), and had to admire them all the same.  Look at those sexy women!  Now, I may be partial...but a nice, round, full butt; sexy, womanly hips...and breasts (not fake, real!) are something to be talked about!  I salute the women who look like women!

Always, I have to those women who are naturally thin and are happy with it, you go girl.  Wherever you are in life-if you are happy, you are good.  But...if you are dieting to be one of those flat chested, flat butt, no hips and no legs've lost yourself somewhere along the way. A confident girl is a sexy girl, no matter what the size.   We may not get the magazines to be convinced of that; but if we refuse to diet (okay, if you are overweight, that's one thing-dieting may be good for your health!) and refuse to conform to what the media...and quite honestly, America portrays as beautiful and perfect....who is winning?  YOU ARE!  Look at the pictures.  Can you honestly stay those girls don't look fabulous?

The most amusing part is, there were probably women rallying back then for the thin ladies, encouraging them not to gain weight just to fit some current fad...  ~ Trina

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Iryna said...

Bravo, Trina! Love this article! By the way, in the early 1900s it was in to be plump and women stuffed themselves and raised concern among doctors because they voluntarily made themselves obese in order to have voluptious rounded shoulders & decolletage.