Monday, May 21, 2012

The Fun Language of a Two-Year-Old

My 2 1/2-year-old is talking up a storm! Where has my baby gone??  The bottles are gone, the diapers are gone, he's running and jumping and climbing. And each day he adds a few new words to his vocabulary.

He's clearly putting small sentences together in clear form "mama, I like the beach" and "swimming is fun" and "bro hit me".

But, there are just a few precious words left that he hasn't yet perfected.  But it's coming, and I know it's crazy, but I'm in no rush for him to get them right. Those words are like my last bit of my baby that I can hold on to.  When he asks for chocolate milk after his nap, he asks for "ka bunk".  Just yesterday, though, I heard his daddy urging him "chocolate, say chocolate".   Or thank you.  Thank you is "kay bit".  And its cute.

Luke used to say "fer-wel" instead of squirrel.  And somehow Luke and daddy were calling Spongebob "Fogrob" for some time. When Luke was almost two and would enthusiastically speak of hot dogs as "dog dogs".  Today, Zac and I still jokingly refer to hot dogs as such laughing as parents do while Luke looks at us inquisitively.

Last night was a super cute.  Zac had taught the boys a knock knock joke.  Zealand wanted to give it a shot. He knocked twice on the table knock, knock. I said, whose there? ORANGE! Orange who? ORANGE!  And he laughed hysterically!

Or the other night when we had a 10 minute guessing game...somewhat like an SNL skit I used to love.  He kept saying one word over and over again.  Each time he said it, I thought it sounded like a different word.  And he was begging me to understand.  I kept trying bring it? take it? rocket? frog? blankie? He smiled and clapped with glee, "Yeah!" Whew! He wants his blankie.

This age is so much fun. As they're learning to put things together but not quite there yet.  Of course, I do want him to brilliantly perfect his speech before he goes to school, but I never want to forget the sound of my precious little boy asking me to "lay me" (come lay with me) the squeal of his voice when I come in from being gone a couple of hours "mom-eeeeeeee!"

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