Saturday, June 2, 2012

National Moms Relaxation Day - A Day of Pure Indulgence

We asked our Facebook fans a couple of days ago: What is YOUR idea of relaxation?? My friend Cayce  made us laugh with the familiarity of “A shower that lasts longer than a minute and a half.”  Sometimes our miniscule potty breaks are the only time we get alone in a day. But we need more!  It’s not just that we want more - (attention husbands, this is directed to you!) we really do NEED more!

Finding time for ourselves will make us feel better.  It’ll make us better moms; better wives; better friends. Do you remember all the things you used to really enjoy doing before you had kids.  Now is the time to reconnect with yourself and be you again…if even for an hour a day.

When I speak of finding time for yourselves, I’m not talking about the 30 minutes your hubs takes the kiddos out for ice cream and you scrub the floors.  I’m not talking about the 2-3 hours after the kids go to bed that you decide to get some work done. This isn’t the time to gather all the photos you’ve taken of your cute little babies and put them into photo albums. I’m not even talking about the hour you are gifted to sleep in one fine morning.

I’m talking about guiltless, shameless, pure indulgent YOU time.  Go to the cinema and see that new movie! Call up a girlfriend and meet her for cocktails and an app. Go for a jog and find a bench with a view and relax to your favorite tunes on your iPhone before you jog back.  DO go get your nails done - mani AND pedi, girl, you deserve it! Have a grown up conversation with your mom while sipping on white wine and nibbling on fine cheese at a local winery. If your parents pick up the kids, curl up on your couch with a cup of tea and read To Kill A Mockingbird …or the latest in housewife erotica.

I know it’s hard to find the time to devote to yourself, but it’s necessary.  Could you imagine if there was a holiday devoted to the indulgence and relaxation of all moms?  Sure, Mother’s Day already exists, tis true.  But, I think most of us enjoy that day with our dear families. But why not a day just for us?  A National Moms Relaxation Day, if you will.  Your family would greet you in the morning with a card inscribed: Enjoy your day, mom. You deserve it! We love you! And off you go to meet your girlfriends, or lay by the pool with a People magazine, or go to the spa…you get the idea. So tell us, how would you celebrate National Moms Relaxation Day?

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Katrina & Leah said...

Spa! And not just like a massage, but a full on spa. I also like a movie date with a friend, followed by a visit to a winery or dinner. ~ Trina :)