Friday, June 22, 2012

The Terrible Twos Begin...

I'm not sure how I forgot this terrible phase.  Callie definitely went through it, but somehow, it became a distant flicker of a memory, barely there to remember.  Now she's a grown up 5-year-old, sassy as ever but at least we can have discussions and negotiate on things that are negotiable or she can understand reason.  Clayton is an entirely different ballgame.

Clayton is still not talking much, and he turned 2 years old May 3rd.  He basically says, Mom, Dad, milk, sissy, ball, shoes, snack, and a few other words that cover the basics.  When he wants something, he points and screams, "mommy!"...there's no in-between voice.  It's either high pitched or screaming. I know what you are thinking, make him tell you what he wants before giving it to him.  Yes, I've tried that, and continue to do so; it's a process of it's own.  Sometimes I think, I'm going to give him the dang toy or whatever he wants just so he will quit the high-pitched screaming.  Mother of the year?  Maybe not, but at least admit you can relate!

As I type, he's screaming in his room.  It's nap time, and as usual, he's throwing a gigantic temper tantrum because he doesn't want to lie down.  Just like last night at 1:30 a.m...which would explain my continuous exhaustion.  He's the most hard-headed, stubborn child I've ever seen, which says a lot because Callie Jo is pretty headstrong as well.

He's also started hitting.  He hits his sister, he hits me, he hits anyone, other than dad because he knows he's going to get a serious busting if he does that.  So then I think, maybe spanking does work, even though I've always thought teaching to not hit by hitting isn't the wisest choice; maybe he just respects his daddy so much more. So there's many (weak) spankings, many more time-outs, lots of yelling, and one worn-out mommy.  Perfect time for mommy to quit her job and stay home with her kids right?  Maybe I should've waited until he was 3...kidding, kidding.

No matter what, I know in a few months, the hard work and consistency will pay off if I can stick to it.  Eventually, we'll be having conversations and he'll understand and be able to communicate how he's feeling or what he's needing, and understand my expectations and demands.  Until then, I just have to remember I've done this once, I can do it again.  I may be crazy by then...and go through plenty of Sangria, but I will survive the terrible twos, yet again! ~ Trina

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