Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Gift of Giving ~ Our First Contribution to Our Charities

Why is giving so hard?  I don't mean giving in a sense of loaning a cup of sugar to your neighbor in a time of need.  Or lending a friend your lawn mower because they haven't been able to afford one yet this season.  I'm talking about giving to those that are truly in need; the kind of giving that could change a life.

We become engulfed in raising our own little ones.  The bills we have keep growing and growing, and suddenly we are spending more than we make.  In this vicious cycle, we become selfish, and not because we are bad people, but because it's human nature to want to not only survive but often times to also thrive.  We get lost in our own worlds and forget that there are children with life threatening diseases; who's parents can't afford the immensely expensive treatments that could ultimately save their lives.  Or, that there are children being abused everyday, and all we had to give up was a Starbucks here or there to help make a difference in their lives as well.

In this journey, Leah and I have decided we will not forget.  We want to also encourage you, our readers, to not forget.  We've made it simple for you to make a difference; simply like our facebook page, and let friends and family that may also be interested in our content to like our page as well.  With each 50 likes, Leah and I each donate $50 to our two current charities; Children's Miracle Network and The National Children's Advocacy Center.  At 52 followers, we promised you we'd donate if we received 50 more likes.  And as of this morning, we are at 209 Facebook likes!  Thanks to you, we are able to make our first donation to our charities.

But let's not stop here!  Keep encouraging and suggesting our page to others, and at 252 likes, we'll make our second donations.  Help make a change, by simply spreading the word!  Thanks again to all of our followers and their continued support.  If you are interested in making a separate donation to these charities yourself, see the charity info tab above.

Thanks again!  ~Trina & Leah

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