Thursday, June 14, 2012

Saving/Budgeting...It's Easier Than I Thought!

100-dollar-bill.gif image by jhornbeckWith me leaving my job, Shannon and I realized we'd have to cut back in certain areas.  The first area was spending money.  We basically could buy anything we wanted, when we wanted.  While that seems like a lot of fun, money is simply wasted doing this and now we are wishing we’d made our current budget stick back when I was working. But, you know the saying, the more you make, the more you spend.  It’s true! 

The second area was groceries.  I knew I was mindlessly spending in that area too, so I looked at how I could cut back…and was amazed. I’ve cut out $50 a week and brought my grocery bill from $800 a month to $600.  This includes any wine or liquor, or any extras at the store period.  Think about saving an extra $2,600 a year, in a savings account, and not even missing it!

It seems like some big secret right?  Some amazing tip?  How do you save $50 a week in groceries?  It’s simple friends.  Be aware, and go alone (if you can, no hubby, no kids!).  Make your meal plans prior to going to the store, and do your list by grocery store aisle.  Buy the discount brands (such as Great Value at Walmart) where you can.  Most of the time, they have the same ingredients.  I splurge on items such as milk due to the hormones.  I don’t buy all organic, I haven’t done enough research to really support it and quite frankly, can’t afford to do everything organic with our new budget.  So I pick and choose, and sometimes due to sales, can buy more in that area.  I cut coupons for items such as diapers before I go, but I make my list first – then print the coupons….that way I’m not buying something I don’t really need, just because it’s on sale.  Know that places such as Costco are not necessarily cheaper than Walmart.  To be honest, nearly all the items I have price–checked are cheaper at Walmart.  Although, Costco does have better quality meat, as do the other stores.  You have to decide what’s important to you and what you can afford.

I feel like you can do this in every area of your life.  Pay attention – Gas, clothes, going out to eat.  If you pay attention to sales, prices on certain items, promotions stores sometimes have…you’ll save money in areas you couldn’t even imagine…with only a little extra thought/work.  ~Trina

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