Saturday, June 23, 2012

You Know You're a Mommy of Young Boys When...

  • ·        You have to explain, repeatedly, why you don't have a penis.

    ·        You have to muffle a scream when you step on a Matchbox car or army man in the middle of the night.

    ·        While you're driving around town, you point out every single fire truck, cop car and ambulance with enthusiasm like you just spotted a celebrity - "Look! Cop car!"

    ·        You try to find the best way to explain that its okay to pee behind a tree while camping but not in a bush at the playground.

    ·        You're constantly redirecting rough play by saying "that's a daddy can climb on him when he gets home!"

    ·        You've said more than once, "You're handsome, not pretty. Girls are pretty."

    ·        You're afraid to look when you hear "mom, look at what I can do!"

    ·        Your house is filled with human impersonations of car motors, explosions and sirens.

    ·        Your friends with just daughters wonder why your boys just won't sit still during lunch at the Chick-Fil-A playland.

    ·        You can’t lie on the floor without fearing someone will jump on you without notice.

    ·        Your heart melts when your son tells you he will never ever leave you.

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