Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bossy Mommy

I had to share this funny tidbit from Saturday.  My husband called from Oklahoma, where he and my 4-year-old are visiting his family.  His grandma has been keeping Callie while my husband does what he loves to do most: hunt.

  "Hi honey, how are you?"  I answered the phone, ready to hear about white tails galore.

  "I'm great, you will never believe what Callie told Grandma today!"  He said, laughter already in his voice.

  "What!" I said, a little cautious already.  My little Callie says whatever is on her mind-sometimes things we don't neccesarily need to be sharing with other people!

  "She was watching a move with Grandma and it was the one about the horses.  When the girl horse told the boy horse something she turned to grandma and said: You know why that girl horse said that?  Because girls like bossing around boys.  Just like mommy always bosses daddy around!"