Thursday, November 3, 2011

Saving Marriages & Self - A Book That Changes Lives

I began reading Laura Munson’s “This Is Not The Story You Think It Is-A Season of Unlikely Happiness” on a warm Charleston evening in late March, the windows finally opened allowing a warm breeze to dance past the curtains. I couldn’t have known at that moment that this book would serve as my personal reference guide for one of the more challenging years of my life.  How could I know that highlighted passages from that first read would keep me coming back throughout the year to remind me how to fight for my marriage even when we weren’t acting like partners; to focus on inner peace and freedom; and to enjoy my children while not forgetting my own passions in life.
Last night, an unseasonably cold night in October, I found myself flipping through pages scouring for the encouraging messages that meant something to me throughout this year.  When I came across the line, “That’s what this book is all about.  Maybe it will help people. Maybe even save some marriages…” I realized the importance of sharing such a treasure to all the women I can be in touch with.   If this book has served as such a comfort to me, then surely some of you will find her discoveries and experiences as soul-saving as I have.
Whether your current challenge involves resentment towards your husband who seems to be disconnecting from you, career woes, balancing raising a family with holding on to you, or just looking for happiness – you will find endless inspiration in this memoir. 
Seeking true happiness? Stepping up to a new challenge?  Fighting for you?  Here are some tidbits from her book:
·         “This simple truth: the end of suffering happens with the end of wanting.  The end of wanting.”
·         “It’s when you stop wanting things outside of your control that you’ll be happy.”
·         “’The only difference between being published and not being published,” he said, “is being published.”
·         “…we’re still a family. Even when we mess up.  We love each other and we protect each other. And we forgive…”
·         “For anyone in any situation in which one is tempted to go into panic mode, or worse, victim mode, rather than taking responsibility for one’s own well-being.”
·         “Happiness only comes from within.”
·         “The biggest fight, though, is the part where I keep myself happy.  Where I don’t take him personally.”
·         “Follow your instincts. You are going to be okay, no matter what.”
·         “I believe when we act powerfully, we get treated powerfully.”
·         “Finally, I know. You get to the end of suffering. Or you don’t. That’s it.  You Choose.”
If you identify with any of the above quotes, I insist you read her book.  She writes as if she is talking to you, as if she knows exactly what you’re experiencing.  If you find it half as helpful as I did, I will know I’ve done my job as a sister…and a woman…passing on this invaluable resource.  Ladies, go grab a glass of wine, snuggle up with this book and be happy we’re all in this together!

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