Friday, November 11, 2011

Penn State Scandal~It's Time for Mommies to Take a Stand

We as moms have a duty to protect our children. This includes taking down and exposing the predators who stalk and prey upon our children, as well as those who protect these evil human beings.  Although it’s been widely commented on by the media as the Penn State Sex Scandal, what we are really talking about here is rape.  When you refer to sex you are talking about something consensual, including people hopefully over the age of 18.  We are talking about a very inhumane act, the act of rape and molestation on a child.  By a man entrusted with our children and among our families.  It’s also frustrating that people are rallying for Coach Paterno...whether out of plain ignorance or as a result of this sick, warped view as a society that so many have accepted.  Yes, he’s an excellent football coach—however, he didn’t do the right and honorable thing.
     Atrocity in a small town is what this is.  Coaches that are held on a pedestal similar to God, getting away with acts that men in times past would have been hung for.  School officials turning their backs to the most horrific and unbelievable acts against a child, in vain to protect their beautiful image.  It enrages and angers me that nobody did more…that a janitor and an assistant witnessed the act and rather than going to the police, in fear of losing their own jobs, went to school officials who in turn did nothing.  The legendary Coach Paterno also shamelessly turned his back when the higher-ups did nothing.
     Since they cannot rectify the innocence of these young boys, I'm sincerely hoping that the school pays out millions upon millions to these families, in the very least.  Because you know what talks more than fame?  Money.  Maybe the people in charge will start paying attention when the bank funds start to drain.
     What would you do I ask?  Would you witness such a heinous crime, and then when nothing is done—in turn do nothing?  Or, would you go against the grain, stand for what you believe in, for what's right...and make these sick people pay for their crimes?  These are our children out there.  If we don’t take a stand…who will?

     Celebrities such as Tiger Woods have been more publicly crucified for outlandish and numerous affairs with women other than his wife. Are injustices against our children not equal to if not greater in our eyes than adultery?  
      I would like to think that we as a society have more people that are concerned with our children's well being, than that of the legendary game of football in a town full of good ole’ boys.  That we would care more about the future and wholeness of our babies, than tarnishing a college team and their "celebrity" football coaches reputation.  The problem is that I'm just not sure of that anymore.