Monday, August 1, 2011

Today’s Forecast: Scattered Mom Likely

A peek inside the frenzied mind of an everyday mom:
Ah, my coffee.  We’re almost out of Splenda.  I’m going to have to remember to put that on my grocery list.  In fact, I need to make a run to Walmart today.  Let me start a list.  Where is the paper?  I thought I’d just put it in this drawer yesterday. 
What do you need, baby? Well, we’re having breakfast in about 10 minutes, just let me finish cutting these grapes.  Should I cut these grapes in fourths?  I’m going to just cut them all up now, then we’ll be good to go the rest of the week.  Oh yeah, my coffee.  We’ve got plenty of cream to last the next week or two, that’s groovy.  And thanks to my dad for giving us a whole bag of his home-roasted Kona coffee beans.  That reminds me, I need to send him a thank you card.  I wonder if I have any cards left over from the last bunch I bought?  I’ll have to remember to look for one later, before I head over to the store. 
No, you may not have any chocolate.  If you eat your breakfast, I’ll think about giving you some chocolate milk.  Waffles!  I wonder if I should just go ahead and make a waffle for myself?  I know I was going to try and eat healthier today and cook up some scrambled egg whites, but this will save me time on cooking and dishes and well, it’s just easier.  What the hell, right?  I’ll make it up at lunch time with a salad.  I’m going to have to buy some fresh spinach though because I think what’s left in the fridge is bad.   As always, I’m so awful at letting vegetables spoil.  I know it drives Zac crazy.  Why isn’t he up yet? 
What happened to your clothes, young man?  You are supposed to go on a doggie walk with your father and I just got you dressed!  Go grab your undies!  There he is.  Good!  I’ll get five, maybe ten, minutes of quiet when he takes the boys and our dog for their morning walk.
No, seriously, I had him dressed just a minute ago.  I’m not going to spend my morning chasing him down 17 times to get him to keep his clothes on.  Luke!  Grab your undies if you want to go for a doggie walk.  Otherwise, you’re going to stay here with me.
I’m so not going to stick to that threat!  I cherish these peaceful minutes.  I’ll check my e-mail once they leave.  I can start breakfast as soon as they get back.  I also need to look up our play date for today; I can’t remember if it’s at 3:00 p.m. or 3:30 p.m.  I hope it’s at 3:30 p.m., that always gives us – okay, bye, have fun.  Be safe! – what was I just thinking?  Oh, I can’t remember.  Doesn’t matter anyway, I guess.  I have to go potty.  Did I just say potty?  But first, let me check my bank account to see if my little tiny paycheck went through.  I need to make sure my wallet is in my diaper bag too before I leave this morning.  I think I had it last when I met Susie at the movies and I really don’t remember transferring it back to the diaper bag.  Okay, good!  It’s in there.  I better go ahead and throw a couple of diapers in it now also.  I’m pretty sure I have to pick some of those up, too.
List!  I’ve got to start a list!  Finally!  Here’s some paper.  Milk.  Maybe a thank you card.  Diapers for ZZ.  What am I going to have for lunch today?  Oh, yeah, a salad.  Spinach.  I think I have everything else I need for lunch here. I could use some more Cherry Coke Zero.  Cherry Coke Zero.  Awesome!
My paycheck has gone through; I have money again!  Maybe I should buy Luke some new pool shoes from Once Upon A Child.  Does he really need pool shoes?  I can’t believe his birthday is coming up.  Well, it’ll be here before we know it after vacation in September.  That’s just eight weeks away.  And his birthday will be about six weeks after that.  What kind of party should we have?  What’s he really into these days?  His daddy’s Jeep.  Can I have a Jeep party?  What would that consist of?  I could get Diego plates and decorations but make his cake a Jeep cake and, well, then it’s a Diego party and not a Jeep party.  But I want it to be so special for him since we had a small affair last year.  What about a pool party?  In November?  Maybe a slight possibility since we’re in South Carolina, but nothing to count on.  I should see if there are any indoor pools in town.  I’m sure there won’t be since we are in SC, but maybe.  He loves the pool so much; he’d be in heaven!
Hey!  You’re back!  That was fast!  What happened to my quiet time?  I didn’t get anything accomplished.  Now I won’t have another moment of quiet until naptime and I’m not sure I can make that happen since Zealand woke up an hour before his brother.  I must try!  I’ll go to the grocery store right before lunch time and keep him awake!  What would you like from the store?  I hope my two favorite plates for the boys are clean.  They are not in the cabinet where they should be.  Not in the dishwasher.  I now know what my mom used to talk about when I was little when she’d tell us she was losing her mind because things are never in the place she left them.
Honey, where are the boys’ blue and green plates?  Ha!  I must’ve mindlessly grabbed them earlier when I first got to the kitchen.  I can’t believe they are sitting here right in front of me. Here you go boys: a waffle, grapes and yogurt.  It feels so good to sit down.  My boys are so sweet.  It looks like they’re hungry, too, which is always a good thing.  You know what would be perfect right now?  My coffee; which I haven’t touched since I poured it an hour ago.  Now where the heck is it?    

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