Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why Do Boys Have Tails?

Rylie was two years old when her cousins, Clayton and Callie, came to visit from Colorado.  They’d moved when she was a baby so she hadn’t gotten to spend a lot of time with them, and we were all excited.  We all met up at Grannie Janet’s house for a day full of fun in the sun with their new kiddy pool.
Clayton didn’t have a swimsuit so his mom, Trina, just stripped him down naked and set him in the pool to swim.  Rylie kept studying him and I assumed she was just checking the new cousin out.  He was now over a year old, walking around everywhere and making noises as he tried to talk.
Rylie walked over to Trina and asked boldly, “Trina, why does he have a tail?”
Trina looked at her, confused, and asked what she meant.
Rylie pointed directly at Clayton’s privates and said louder, “Why does he have a tail!?”
Trina burst out laughing and looked at me in delight before answering my daughter.  “Why don’t you go ask your dad?”

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