Saturday, August 13, 2011

What has been your BEST summer moment with your family so far?

The day after the 4th of July, the aisles of Target were already spiffied with Back to School supplies.  Didn't summer start on June 21st or something like that?  What happened to summer?   Back in my day, we never started school anywhere close to my middle-of-August birthday.  According to my friends with school-aged kiddos, it sounds like many have either already started or are starting in next couple of weeks.  Forget about September! 

So with the summer quote-on-quote wrapping up as responsibilities take precedence again, we look back on another fun-filled, sweltering (for many parts of our country, at least) and delicious summer.

Though my actual family summer vacation isn't for another four weeks, in which I'll hopefully have a dozen of best summer moments in the making; for now, I would have to say my most enjoyable day would be introducing my boys to their very first water park. Both of them - possible future Michael Phelps, minus the pot scandal, of course - were outwardly thrilled with the sights of slides, fountains and swirly whirly rivers. 

My parents had treated us to the afternoon and along with my husband we found a shady spot near some sand to claim our bags and flip flops and towels.  Within minutes, Zac was escorting Luke down his first-ever waterslide.  The brave soul didn't think twice as he let the water whisk him down the chute, plunging into my arms.  Meanwhile, ZZ was splashing around some mini fountains gleefully "eeee-ing" each time the droplets would sprinkle his little face.  Grandma and grandpa sailed with them through the lazy river.  It was two-plus hours of pure joy.  My boys can't get enough of being in the water; be it the pool, beach or a bath, but just looking into Luke's blood-shot eyes, we knew it was time to call it a day. 

With the whole family dry and cozy, we concluded the dreamy day at my parent's house with the best New York pizza Manassas, Virginia has to offer.

Please share with us your best summer moment so far!!!


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