Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kiddos & Plane Rides = Disaster

Okay, so I remember, waayyyyy back in the day before I had kiddos;  I was soo not that person.   You know who I’m talking about!  The rude lady who cringes when you walk by them in the plane aisle with an infant-showing their obvious disapproval that you have chosen THEIR plan to fly on this time. 


Or, after seated, the man next to you who moves as far as he can in the tiny seat next to you; apparently in serious fear of some infectious disease your child may have.  No kidding, this is real stuff folks.  I’ve even had a man see me after I’ve been seated, groan, roll his eyes, and ask me,

“Can you sit somewhere else?  Please don’t let that baby spit up on me.  I’m headed to an interview.” 

I have to admit, part of me wanted my precious little angel to throw up the green peas she’d eaten for lunch all over his perfect suit.  My most recent bout with flying just so happened to be on a two and ½ hour plan ride (yes, I know what you are thinking. That’s not so long!! But oh, let me tell you…I saw the writing on the wall) with my 15-month-old and my four-year-old. 

By myself…did I mention that part? 

I thought; oh, grow up Trina!  There are plenty of moms who fly with four or even five kids! Stop being a wimp!
The trip to my hometown in Washington wasn’t so bad.  I sat next to a 12-year-old boy who appeared to have somewhat of a young puppy-love type of crush on me- or just found it amusing to attempt to help me with my two crazy and wild kiddos.  The help was nice; he entertained my daughter while I tried to corral my son on my lap.  My son who also was extremely fussy; the crying bouts he had from exhaustion only lasted about five minutes at a time which was perfect-by the time they ended I was only almost on the verge of insanity so everyone lived through the experience.
The ride home was the real kicker.

They had me and my daughter in seats that were two rows apart.  Obviously, that ain’t happenin.  Now any of you non-flyers, knows this happens a lot.  The difference?  A flight attendant who cares…I’ve had both and let me tell you, the one who cares will save your bacon.  Otherwise you are trying to convince someone to change their seat all on your own- not a lot of fun. 
After the lovely young pretty woman helped get myself, Callie, and my son Clayton next to one another in new seats…the trouble began.  A lady came along with her ticket that had her original seat number, one next to the window and that my daughter had been moved to.  After the nice flight attendant explained what had happened, I offered to move my daughter to the aisle seat so she could sit next to the window. 

“I don’t want to sit next to those children.” She told the flight attendant, as if my kids and I were deaf.  I have to admit…bodily harm didn’t seem that unreasonable at the time. 

Especially when Callie asked me: “Why doesn’t that girl want to sit by us?” Anger got the best of me-I couldn’t stay composed after that.  I answered loudly enough for everyone to hear, “Because she’s mean Callie.”

Classy?  No.  A proud mommy moment?  Not really…but it still felt good.  We were held up for 10 minutes from taking off because no one else wanted to sit next to us on the plane.  We literally had to move two times (yes twice; me, the diaper bag, purse, two blankets, and two kids) in the attempt to keep everyone happy.  We eventually took off…and I totally blame it on the stress and the mean girl next to us (yes, ironically we ended up sitting next to first snotty lady who didn’t want to sit next to us)  as both my kids cried and fussed the entire two ½ hours. 
It’s funny; I swore I’d never fly with both of them again alone.  But in two months guess what?  I’ll do it again.  It’s what we as mothers are forced to do…be resilient.


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San Diego Momma said...

That is SO something I would say, too.
Some people bring out the public displays of anger in me!