Friday, August 12, 2011

Bliss to Be Savored

It’s 1:31 in the afternoon on a hot Friday in the middle of summer.  I’m home with the two kiddos while my husband is at work.  A thunderstorm just rolled through.  Something I love...but not exactly at naptime.  I knew better, so I kept them up with my eye on the radar.  About a half hour ago, my 19-month-old walked up to me with his blankie.  He wasn't waiting any longer for the storm to pass.  And both of my boys fell fast asleep, without a fight, in a matter of minutes.
For the first time since 5:30 a.m., it is quiet.   Not really quiet because the dishwasher and dryer are running simultaneously and I did switch Go, Diego, Go! over to the Singers & Swing music channel.  But it’s quiet in here from the hustle and bustle of “mommy” this and “mommy” that.   It’s quiet from my youngest toddler trying to climb up on the dining room table and then holler out “Mama! Mama!” with his arms open for me to carry him down, just so he could do it over and over again…no matter how many times I said no.  It doesn’t help that his big bro helps him by pulling the chair out for him, almost inviting him to get in trouble.
It’s also quiet from my oldest toddler playing with his Matchbox cars and military outfit.  It’s a blissful quiet.  Knowing they are contentedly asleep and snuggled in their beds.  Knowing that our afternoon will be busy with friends and fun in the pool.  Knowing that our evening will be bustling as we knock out our bedtime routine with two exhausted boys.  But for now, it’s quiet. 
I’m torn between relaxing and getting some work done.  Of course, more housework comes to mind…but no, not today.  It’s the start of my birthday weekend and the thought of doing another round of bathroom cleanings just to see it blanketed in SpongeBob undies, towels, floaties and miscellaneous shorts and shirts…no, not so much. I’m not going to use this amazing hour or two for that (Dear God, please let it be two hours).  I’m going to enjoy it.  If it were later in the day, I’d have a glass of wine… for now, I think I’ll pour a glass of iced tea, relax on the sofa with a book and listen to a little Sinatra.  These blissful moments in the world of Mommyhood are to be savored.

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