Sunday, July 31, 2011

While They Dream

Some of the most endearing moments in a life filled with children are when it is so quiet.  Sometimes during an ever-frenzied day, it's hard to imagine such calm.  I had a beautiful moment just last week as I checked in on my sleeping boy...
The entire house is quiet except for the white noise of his small fan, his little lips are allowing such sweetness of small breaths to exit his dreaming body.  His blue satin blanket is laced between his fingers and propped across the side of his face.  His long legs which seem to be growing faster than ever, are stretched almost the length of his mattress.  The strands of his curiously blonde hair highlight a frame around his 18-month-old face.
The three meltdowns from earlier and the spilled juice on our newly steamed carpet—almost a distant memory.  The endless account of “no’s” heard throughout the day seem less frustrating now when I look down on my sleeping son.
Who is this little person?  Who is this being that my husband and I lovingly created?  In the madness of a day, it’s so hard to take the time to visit those questions…to really take it in.  The magnitude of what it is to be a mother or a father.  Every lesson taught, every kiss sealed onto their forehead.   Every “I love you” realized. 
You are shaping who they are with every second of the day.  And isn’t it amazing the love that can rise above all the chaos and stress of each day and make it all so very right? 
When looking at my son, I see his body snuggled comfortably in his bed after he’s exerted all of that energy; I see the depth and the magic of his being. 
A child in slumber enhances the mystic delight of being a mom. 

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