Thursday, March 22, 2012, Obviously

We personally invite you to follow our blog and share in experiences we can all relate to while enjoying our favorite “go-to” after a rough day…that inviting glass of white or red. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom, working mom or work-at-home mom - we appreciate what you go through each and every day.  And though moms’ indulging in a glass of wine is not quite news, in 2011 several wineries started marketing directly to moms following studies showing women purchase 77% of the wine in the United States.  77%!

So we've got the stories to help you feel relief from a frustrating day or to relax with a smile after a cute experience with your little one, but how are you going to decide which bottle of wine or champagne to choose? is simply, incroyable  It is the place to go for everything wine.  Looking for a sweet and light white?  Or are you seeking a bold red?  Got $20 to spend or $75?  This site will point you in the right direction!  

If you are a mom and you love wine:, obviously! infographic
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