Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Anti-Chicken Fingers Movement - Kahlua Grilled Shrimp Pasta

I personally think we should add a little Kahlua to every meal!  So here it is with shrimp and pasta.  Direct, from me to you!

Kahlua Grilled Shrimp Pasta

To Grill:
2 lb shrimp peeled
1 tomato, quartered
1/4 cup white wine
1 lemon, juiced
1 cups honey
1 tbsp basil, fresh chopped
1 tbsp thyme fresh chopped
1 tbsp cajun seasoned salt
1 tbsp cilantro fresh chopped
1 tbsp garlic chopped
1 tbsp parsley chopped
1 tbsp worcestershire sauce

1 cup kahlua
Corn starch to thicken
1.5 tbsp red pepper chopped
1 lb angel hair pasta

Mix all marinade ingredients: add shrimp and refrigerate for at least 6 hours. Grill shrimp and tomato over charcoal fire with mesquite and oak wood. Cook pasta according to package direction in a 2 quart stock pot. In a small bowl I make a small amount of roux from cornstarch and kahlua. In a skillet I pour in some kahlua and heat it on a medium temperature. After it begins to boil I add the roux (thickening agent) and stir until it is somewhat thick. Then I add the shrimp and cook just until the shrimp are coated - usually only about 5 minutes. If the kahlua starts to boil off, add more. Add Worcestershire sauce, red pepper and shrimp.  Serve warm on top of pasta.  Garnish with fresh cilantro and grilled tomato.