Monday, March 5, 2012

A Little Spring Cleaning

If you live in sunny, yet wintery Colorado like I do, you likely aren’t ready to see the flowers blooming and the birds singing—even with the mild winter we’ve had.  However, in many other parts of the world…you are feeling the wane of winter and the beginning of spring.  I love spring because it always signifies a new beginning; the end of the dreadful winter days, dark coming much too early and everything being cold and quiet.  The end of being stuck indoors with sick and restless kiddos.
I believe that every year, you should welcome spring with open arms and a clean home.  Yes friends, I’m talking about spring cleaning.  Don’t sigh yet…I’ve got some easy tips that will help maneuver you through those scary nooks and crannies we ignore throughout the year.

1.     Clean places you avoid during the year first.  Mop, vacuum, sweep under the refrigerator, the stove, the couches, and any other furniture that gets missed throughout the year.  There's nothing more embarrassing (well okay, there are but you get the point) then a repair man coming out and seeing three years worth of dirt crumbs, bugs...and who knows what else underneath your appliances.

2.     Refrigerator and freezer – take everything out, throw away what’s old…and scrub, scrub, scrub.  Replace filters as necessary.

3.     Clean your medicine cabinet!  Yes, most of the items are outdated, and they are only cluttering an area that should be easily accessible when the kiddos are sick and need Tylenol or band aids.  Organize by adult, then child meds to make finding them easier.

4.     Clean out closets.  Swap clothes if necessary (we put winter clothes under the house in plastic storage bins during the warmer months).  For the kids, pack away outfits by size if you aren’t saving them.  We have a local store that purchases gently used clothes for a small amount of cash, but you can also donate them

5.     Organize your filing system.  For bills, etc you are saving, what’s necessary?  Most bills (not medical) but TV, phone etc can be thrown out after a year or so.  Don’t clutter up an area you have to deal with every week and won't need to save for taxes.

6.     Go through Toys, throw away what needs it and donate what you can/what your children don’t need any more.  

7.     Vacuum and shampoo the carpets to include underneath the furniture (often times there are spills under there we don't know about).

8.     The garage may be the man-cave, but it should be spruced up too.  Enlist your husband by researching if Lowes or Home Depot is having any sales on hooks, or other organizational tools for his space – his job will be cleaning the garage.

9.     Enlist your children’s help also.  Promise if they can organize or do simple cleaning tasks in their rooms, you will take them to the park or indoor pool later.  This will keep them out of your hair, at least for a little while, while you clean.

Usually, spring cleaning is at least a two day process with kids.   To keep motivated, I try to plan a dinner party the following weekend, and buy a small bouquet of a springy flower, such as tulips, for the table and light a candle with a fun scent at home.   Play some music you like and get cleaning

If you have any household cleaning items you like or other cleaning tips, let us know!  Comment on this post or email:

~ Trina