Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Miracle in a Tornado

With each natural disaster, we hear about God's wonderful miracles.  We heard it with the survivors of the most recent tsunami.  We hear it every time there's a hurricane.  Although it can't take away from the losses we encounter by such an atrocity,  it does show that amazing things happen; even in the wake of disaster. is one of the links where I read about the baby girl found alone in an Indiana field.  The child, a sole survivor in her family, was found Friday night after a string of devastating tornadoes.  She's currently in a hospital in critical condition...and authorities are trying to figure out how she ended up in a field 10 miles from where she lived.

I have to wonder...was she carried by torrential winds, 10 miles from her home?  Critical condition is extremely serious...I can only imagine her fear.  I wonder, has she suffered greatly?  The news hasn't released much info but I can promise you one thing...this mama will be following, and more importantly, praying for her full recovery.