Friday, April 20, 2012

Where's the Beef? Rather...Where's the Good Beef?

Any time anyone has ever broached the subject of vegetarianism to me, I'd ponder the benefits for about a minute before remembering I could never give up my filets, cheeseburgers or meatballs. Ever.

So since at least 1/3 of the meals I make at home for my family contain some type of beef, I thought I'd educate myself on what there is to know about the subject. This handy dandy graphic (below) is a one-stop shop of beef knowledge. For instance, I think hmmm, I sure would like to make a roast this Sunday. Then when I get to the grocery store, I stare at the cooler of beef thinking what exactly do I roast to make a roast? (See "Breaking Down the Cow") To learn how tell which rib eyes would make the best steak, see "Sizing Up a Cut".

I hope you gain as much from this chart o' beef from Frugal Dad as I did!

Beef Infographic
Source: FrugalDad

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