Monday, April 9, 2012

Settling In Our New Home In Sandestin Florida

I think we’re finally settling in here in sunny, gorgeous Sandestin, Florida! To say moving with two young, very active boys is stressful is an understatement. I am finally starting to relax and feel at home.  We survived!  Really, how can you not survive when you find yourself planted in a beach resort people pay $1k a week to vacation at.  The sugary white sand beach is just a 10 minute walk from us-water warm enough to swim in late March. A mini putt-putt course and tennis courts are a hop, skip and jump from us. And our pool is even closer! 

We’re falling into our new daily routine. A half hour walk to a giant playground usually starts our day. A requirement in my world…not only does it give me a little exercise, but the kids relax in their double stroller and just watch for birds, geckos, frogs and blue herons that we so often pass by. A huge difference from them running around the house screaming and wrestling as I try to get anything done!  We get to the playground and they get to run off some of their energy.  Then I stroll them home crossing my fingers Zealand doesn’t fall asleep yet! 

Most evenings, Zac takes the boys out to ride their bikes while I get dinner ready, even after dinner while I clean up.  We’ve even found ourselves tossing a football on the golf course hoping it’s late enough we won’t here a “Fore!”.  On the nights we want to venture out to dinner with the boys, there is a Beef O’ Bradys literally right behind us and offers a booth right next to their arcade room.  Zac and I can semi-relax while the boys play.  And, yes, we do make them sit down to eat when dinner arrives!  And if the boys go down for bed easy, Zac and I can enjoy a glass of wine (or beer) gazing at the beautiful view from our back porch. 

In many ways it feels like we’re on an endless vacation, I guess until Zac goes back to work or when I remember I can’t just take them to the beach all day-I should actually clean or do laundry.  We don’t know how long we’re going to be here, but for now it is home.  And like I mentioned in yesterday’s Easter post…visitors welcome!

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Anonymous said...

Not going to lie, I'm jealous. It looks like paradise there!