Saturday, January 7, 2012

What Is It You Fiending For?

I just had to share a bit of exciting news with everyone.  I was up late in front of this same computer last night…and this morning like a complete crackhead.  Leah and I were joking last night that if she could just get some meth, she would be able to whip out the remainder of our chapter pages she’s been working so diligently on.  It’s completely amazing working on something you are so passionate about, and then watching it unfold before your very eyes.
Remember, Leah and myself are two very busy ladies.  I know, I remind you of this frequently in my posts but bear with me!  We both have jobs, plus two kids, plus husbands and a pretty busy social life.  I tease Leah because every time I’m talking to her on the phone she’s heading to a different play date!  However, we squeeze in time; in the early morning hours or after everyone is fast asleep, trying to get that much needed silent time to work to make our dream actually happen.
I have two points to this post.  (1) I want everyone to know the final stages of our book are in motion and it’s going back out to agents in February.  We’ve been blessed with so much wonderful feedback from the agents we’ve sent it to, that I’m still amazed.  Not a single negative comment; only honest and helpful suggestions by people trying to help us succeed.  The main suggestion?  A new slant…a great book isn’t enough.  Fabulous writing these days?  Not enough.  We have to have something new, something that hasn’t been done before. Period.  After a few months in motion - Check!  We are proud to say that we are nearly there.  Just weeks away!  And, we know that this journey and morphing into what we’ve become is only part of the process and getting us to the final trek.
Okay, finally I’m to point (2) If you are someone that is completely happy with your life the way it is, cheers to you!  There’s a level of happiness and satisfaction for everyone in life, and if you are at yours; I both envy and revel you.  However; if you aren’t 100% satisfied…if you wonder if there’s something better, if you know there’s more to you and your future- go out there and get it and don’t stop until you do!  There’s nothing like being a crackhead writer, sitting in front of this computer at all odd hours, fiending for the next keystroke.  And when true success happens, the best part of it all will still be those moments; the journey over the mountain to get there.
Because we could never have done it without all our friends and our family (Carole, Leah’s mom, has been a Godsend) and our followers…thank you so much!  I have friends who email me weekly with quotes, ideas, and just to cheer me on.  I have friends who call for status reports because they are as excited as I am to see this book published.  Or people I have lost touch with, writing me on facebook to say how much they enjoy the blog! Even complete strangers saying thank you for sharing.  We love and thank you all!
Stay tuned…a great week ahead of new posts (a surprise post coming, don’t miss!) and recipes, of course!   ~Trina

*And, since the word fiending isn’t used across the country like it is in the western states –I’ll explain: it’s a slang word used similar to “jonesing” for something.  Like being a crack fiend….