Saturday, January 14, 2012

In The Eyes Of My Zealand - Happy 2nd Birthday, Baby!

If you've ever met my little Zealand, you know that this little guy lets very few things upset him.  He is almost always wearing a smile.  From the moment he was born, he has always seemed so happy.  Even under those bili lights, he seemed to chill under the light with his groovy shades on.  Even lately when his big brother throws a good blow to his back or on top of his thigh; he shrugs it off.  Maybe this is what it's like for all second-born children since they have a little less attention from their parents than the first born?  Maybe they just adapt to life with an older sibling always up in their business, after all, that's all they know.  But there is something about Zealand.  An aura.  A calm.  A true sense of wanting to learn from him.

I have had the thought so many times; he seems so wise.  He obviously knows the true secret to a fulfilling life.  While I can get so caught up and stressed about the little things in life.  I dream ahead and I see my Zealand being the kind of successful man who takes life as it comes and turns lemons into lemonades - all with only the best attitude!  He makes me want to be a better person.  On those tougher days, just to see him smile lets me know that things are actually really terrific!

My baby is turning two tomorrow.  He's talking more.  He pooped on the potty willingly - and so proud - twice this week.  His passion is in all things ball; football, basketball, soccerball.  "Ball?  Yeah?" he'll say. He gives the biggest hugs and says he loves me in an adorable and fleeting, "I la la" and gives me his heart.  He'll say hello to anyone and everyone, flashing his pearly whites!  He loves to listen to his dad play guitar.  He loves to try and play his brother's guitar.  He loves music.  He loves to play.  He just loves to be.  I love it all; and all of him.

Happy Birthday, my dear baby boy - Zealand Gabriel Beck Speer <3!

(The song I sing to him almost every night since he was about a month old.)
Zealand, oh, Zealand. 
I love my green-eyed baby.  
Zealand, oh, Zealand. 
I love you forever. 
Zealand, my baby, forever.

...I never said I was a songwriter ;)

:) Leah