Friday, January 27, 2012

My Guilty Pleasure: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I’m often asked by people; why on earth would you watch such a dumb show?  A bunch of dumb rich women who fight and drink and shop all the time, with no worries.  Oh I assure you, these are normally people who haven’t watched a full episode!  First of all, only one or two of the housewives are dumb…and actually a few of them are quite successful women on their own.  Housewives is a deceiving name for the show, because truly many of the women could survive (and some of them do) without husbands at all.
Friends also want to know why, when I work with an office full of women and drama all day, five days a week, I’d want to watch a show full of drama as well.  It’s hard to explain, but when I spend all day interpreting policy forms, reading insurance verbiage, explaining to coverage to clients…etc …why would I want to watch a murder mystery show, or anything else that would require my brain to function properly?  No thank you!    I’ll take meaningless drama and fun fashion ideas any day.  Plus, watching successful women inspires me, even if their successes aren’t necessarily ones I would wish for.
There’s one woman, Adrienne, who absolutely amazes me.  She is extremely wealthy, owning several businesses with her brothers and even owning a basketball team.  She puts her husband in his place daily; he’s a plastic surgeon and also doing very well...however this is no traditional marriage.  She has a chef because she doesn’t like to cook—and isn’t even a slight bit apologetic for it.  Hey, she can afford it!  She takes martial arts classes, and could probably beat up most guy’s I know.  Yet she’s a dainty little thing that is often wearing cocktail dresses and has her own high heel line. 
So, needless to say, I’m going to stay tuned in; even if I can’t relate to having millions of dollars sitting in the bank or having nannies raise my children.  I am still going to enjoy watching catfights in heels, knowing that the drama entailed has nothing to do with my life, and as soon as I turn the TV off, it’s over!  We all have our dumb guilty pleasures…this just happens to be one of mine.