Monday, January 23, 2012

A One Stop Shop, Literally.

As Trina and I have found a little comfort in sharing our opinions on great TV; I've found a website I'd like to share with all of you mamas!  

I have discovered a place where you can shop while saving time!  If you  know me, I’m not at all a shopaholic.  I’m not really one to go into stores and spend hours browsing.  I hate window shopping.  Instead, I usually have an idea about what I want to buy and then I go in and buy it.  Same with online shopping; I know what I want, now I’m just looking for the best price.

So shopaholic or not; you must check out the site  I found it when I was looking for the best priced car DVD player.  I had already searched a few individual stores, then decided to Google “car DVD players” and came up.  So I went there. 

This fabulousness of what seems to be the next level of shopping drew me in right away.  When I typed my key words into the search box, then clicked “shop” and a list of car DVD players from eBay,, Amazon and several other stores.  You can even search by store if you truly want something from one particular place, but want to compare prices.  You can even press this secret button “Research” to get instantaneous buyers guides and reviews on the product you’re searching.

They have everything from clothing to electronics to health & beauty.  So whether a little Estee Lauder Pleasures gift set would make your day, or you're a fitness junkie researching that gps tracking watch with bluetooth pedometer or why not send your mom here to surprise your daugther a special granddaughter neclace. Please let me know if you visit this site and how you like it...especially the mad deals you find!