Monday, September 12, 2011

Just Breathe - Lessons Learned on the Anniversary of 9/11

Just after 9:03 a.m. yesterday, I stifled a sob as I watched NBC's coverage of the anniversary of the September 11th tragedy. My family busied around me. At our cottage by the beach...our vacation mom and husband cooked breakfast.  My dad sipped coffee on the balcony.  My two sons raced circles around the kitchen island.  I was engrossed in this telecast straight from Ground Zero.

It hit deep in my soul when a 12-year-old sweet girl was telling her daddy that he was the best ever and will always be in her heart. This daddy left her world when she was just 2.  My boys are about that age. It was at that moment that I truly accepted what my husband had said to me just the night before.

After he had watched a 9/11 documentary, he came to bed and said to me, "We need to be so grateful. We have one another. We have healthy children. We have our lives."  Half asleep, I agreed...mostly wanting to be grateful for lots of sleep.

I often feel like I can be swept up in the challenges of life and that it's hard to find things to be grateful for.  The nights that I remember to thank God for what I have, I am blessed for my family, friends and our health.  I always find a way to go back to...but if I could just make a little more money...or if we could just sell that house...or whatever material wants I can think of a that moment.

Yet, I see it now.  So what if times are tough and the timing is off to sell our house.  We get to watch the joy in our sons' faces as they float on top of wave after salty wave as we vacation at the sea.  Sure, we wish we had a little extra cash so we can afford to redo our kitchen.  But we are able to enjoy a few nice dinners out with the family this week.  Yet again, another fantastic illustration of gratefulness bestowed....we are able to be with our kids, no matter how restless our 21-month-old gets when we go out to eat.  And sure, we hope and pray we can send our boys to the best schools.  But, right now, we are there with him the moment he figures out something challenging and that proud smile emerges on his little face. 

We are lucky.  We are blessed.

Through every tantrum, every cup of spilled crystal light on a clean floor, every exhausted 2am wake up call.  Every single moment you wish you could have just a little space to just breathe.  Just be so grateful for all that you have.  And breathe.

You can.


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