Monday, February 13, 2012

A Valentine's Ode To Us - The Fabulous Do-It-All Moms

In honor of Valentine’s Day, an ode to us – the fabulous, beautiful, amazing, do-it-all women that we are!

Imagine the following being spoken in the voice of the amazing Barry White!

Woman, you do it all.

From dawn til dusk
You never stop
Even when the sun sets
You’re still on top ;)

Our children wouldn’t survive 
If it weren’t for you, love
Brushing and baths 
We’d sure to be rid of

You take them to the doc
And the dentist too
We need to refinance?
It’s all on you!

You got nothing but time
When you’re home all day
During our kids’ long naptime
You can clean away 

Got milk? 
No? We’re out?
I’m sure you can stop 
It’ll be on your route

Once the kids go to bed
You are too sweet
To let me have the remote
Can you grab me a treat?

Uh huh, oh yeah
What’s that you say
Yes, I’m listening!
You were talking about your day

You’re laying in bed now
So relaxed and sweet
I bet I know just what you want
That’s my hand slippin’ under the sheet

I think to myself
As I close my eyes
You’re such a champion
I’m the luckiest of guys

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day
I may actually forget
And if I do
Please let me admit

That I treasure and love you
For all that you do
You’ll know it from this verse
That I am lucky to have you

Circ. 2001 - True Love!  Awww!
If I don’t meet your expectations
When the tomorrow’s sun is set
Forgive me, I’m a man
But I’m forever in your debt.

I appreciate you!
Until we’re old and gray.
And if I don’t actually say it
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dedicated to my sweet, appreciative, and loving husband-MY man-who really does try!  I love you!!