Thursday, February 2, 2012

Being Charitable has NEVER Been Easier

Too busy to support your favorite charity?  Life taken you by the horns instead of the other way around and you just don't have the extra time, or even the money to help those desperately in need?  Well, just a has never been easier than it is now.  In December, Leah chose Children's Miracle Network, and I (Trina) chose National Children's Advocacy Center to support.  And for every like we get on facebook, we are each donating $1 to our charities.  However, we need more likes!  When we started, we were at 152 facebook likes.  Now, we are only at 162.  We need to get to at least 202 total likes to really get us rolling....which would equal a $50 check to each of the charities I mentioned.  How easy is this?  Like us!  You will be doing your good deed for the day!  If you already like us, get your friends to like us!  Hey, it's for a great cause!

Thank you friends...and to our followers- we love you guys!  ~ Trina