Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why I Left Preschool Crying...

This was going to be my “oh how sweet it is-my son just started preschool" post. That’s exactly what it would’ve read like if I had posted yesterday…like I had planned. During a very relaxing birthday lunch with my youngest son, Zealand, I decided I would ask Trina to switch days with me – and she did!  After picking up my Luke today, however, I have a different experience to write about.
Trina wrote about the grandiose visions of our children that we have in our minds in her post Unreasonable Expectations. Our kid will be the perfect one…they are the best, after all. On Monday night, I was filling out his preschool information sheet.  One of the questions asked “What do you feel your child does really well at?” Why, everything, of course. I mean, he’s outgoing, smart, compassionate, helpful, etc. I even mentioned they could pair up a shy student with him because he has leadership potential and his kind heart will let that other child know he really cares.
When I dropped him off that very first morning, he practically escorted me out of the room.  I promised I’d be back after quiet time to pick him up and he just waved “bye” with a excited smile on his face. When I came back to pick him up, right at two, he ran to my arms beaming. The teacher’s assistant came up to me and exclaimed how much fun Luke was and how sweet.  His daily sheet even said - and I quote - "MY OVERALL DAY WAS - with the following handwritten WONDERFUL!"  I was so proud!  We went out to celebrate his great behavior with some ice cream.
This morning when he found out he was going back to school, he threw his clothes on and was ready to walk out the door an hour before we had to leave.  Again, I kissed him good-bye and he scampered off to play with his classmates. 
At 2pm, I walked into his classroom.  His teacher smiled a soft smile and tired eyes.
I asked with a smile, “how was Luke today?” I knew the answer would be pretty much the same as yesterday. But, to my shock and dismay, she said, “he did better today.”  Better than fun and sweet and wonderful??
“What?” I asked. “I thought he did well yesterday.”
“Well, he had problems at naptime. He didn’t want to sleep and he wouldn’t sit still. He screams for you so loud he was disturbing the other classes.”
What??!!! My Luke?!
Seeing the tears form in my eyes, my face flushed, she reassured, “This is just the second day!  Don’t worry! We’ll get there!” She placed her hand on my shoulder.
I took my boys home, crying the whole way and wondering where I went wrong as a mom. Clueless as to how I could fix it.
Thank goodness for friends with older kids who have been through these experiences and witnessed their children growing up just fine. I’ve calmed down a bit and I’m ready to take this challenge for my boy who is a good boy! Just like all of us, he’s got some lessons to learn…and so do I!

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