Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Me" Time - Right From The Start!

I'm not talking about a feeding schedule or sleep.

I'm talking about getting yourself some free time. Some alone time. Some me time.

Having your first baby is new for both you and your spouse. Adjustments need to be made. Here's my thought.  That very first Saturday after you bring baby home (unless you bring your baby home on Friday, maybe you should shoot for that 2nd Saturday), take the afternoon off.  Even if you have to pump out some milk for a feeding, get out by yourself. Hubby is going to need the one-on-one hands-on experience anyway, why not now?

The next Saturday, let your man go play golf guilt-free.

The following Saturday, it's your turn.  Go see a movie with your girlfriends.

You get the pattern?  If life as a parent starts off like this, then it's the norm.  OF COURSE, mom gets time for herself will just be how it is in your house.  Once your baby can be away from you longer, take more than the afternoon off.  And every other week you know it's your day.  Then you can go ahead and plan ahead for drinks with the ladies and your husband can do the same-no, not drinks with the ladies, but probably more golf.

If you're not a new mom and this plan sounds great to you, start it now! How can it be wrong if both mom and dad get time out.  Then he can't roll his eyes at you because you want a break - he just had his!  And maybe his idea of time off is laying on the couch all day watching golf.  Then that just means you take your kiddos to the park for a long afternoon and maybe a picnic.

They say it's about give and take.  So give him his and take yours and relax already!  ~ Leah

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