Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The End to an Epic Summer

I've always wondered what it would be like to spend a summer at home with my children.  To not have to bash heads and battle to the end over a week off when all the other mom's children were also out of school. To know that spring breaks, fall breaks, Christmas break...they are all mine with my kiddos.  What a fabulous feeling.  No trying to get it on the calender first, or hoping there's enough coverage at the office.  Just making plans and looking forward to time with my family.  I'm almost still not sure it's really real.

By the time I figured out I should enjoy myself, I truly to not have to go back to the hustle and bustle of my previous life, summer was fading away. We finally have figured out somewhat of a schedule (schedule, ha! we hang out in our pj's somedays till noon!), and it's time to change again.  Going to bed early, getting up earlier, taking Callie to school.  Getting Clayton in a schedule of being home without his sister.  Gymnastics. Sports.  Life.  And I'm sure just as I figure out how to handle that, it will be winter break, or summer again before we know it.  Life flies by, and if you aren't paying attention...you won't catch all the unforgettable moments.

As we school shop and prepare for this next phase, everyone is excited.  Callie is happy about meeting new friends and just school in general.  I'm excited about having time with Clayton by myself; just mommy and son time, and seeing Callie in her element - a social setting..  Shannon's excited to see Callie learn and thrive as we're sure she'll do in school.  However, intertwined with this excitement is a bit of sadness.  I'm a bit reluctant to let go of this summer.  Of the first phase of this new life I've begun.  The excitement and dreams about a new future for me.  The endless moments with my kids swimming, hiking, fishing, or just hanging out. Spending time with the best of friends and neighbors.  The end of our new beginning.  I know beautiful and amazing times are in our future, but this is one epic summer I'm going to hold on to, forever.  I thank God I had the opportunity! ~Trina

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