Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Home James Home

It's a saying my mom always used to say, "we're home James, home" to no one in particular.  As kids, we just knew it meant home.  Now, whenever I get off that plane in Seattle or drive into the likes of Ellensburg Washington, I feel it...I know it. Home James, home.

It's a weird feeling.  Loving a place so much, yet not wanting to physically live there.  I enjoyed growing up and spending my younger years as a country girl; barrel racing and camping, hiking or just mudding up in the hills in someone's truck.  There's memories that have been made there that are priceless; however, those days are over.  I've moved on with my life.  I've grown up, made a family, made a life in Colorado. Those old days will never be mine again; however...I sure do enjoy the visits!  Every small town girl looks forward to getting back to her roots...

Tomorrow we start our 17-hour trek to Ellensburg Washington for labor day weekend.  The Ellensburg Rodeo is one to be talked about, and I'm excited for my kids to get to experience that and the fair that I spent so many years enjoying myself.  Showing them the barn animals, letting them watch the roping and bull riding, eating the oh-so-yummy but super unhealthy fair food.  Riding the ferris wheel.  And of course, enjoying adult beverages behind the chutes while my children are cared for by Grandma.

Until then, I pack, I clean...I stress as I prepare for this long road-trip with two young kids and no hubby to help.  I try to look at it as an adventure, but experience has taught me otherwise.  Hey, even "the glass is half-full" girls have to be realistic sometimes!  The prize at the end of the journey is a tall glass (or bottle) of wine, some  relaxation...and great memories to be made.  I'll have finally made it home James, home. ~Trina

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