Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Why I Chose Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals 

If you read my recent post on the importance of Christmas memories versus the gifts you buy, you’ll know that this has been a tough year on my family financially.  But one thing I am certain of is that I am one very lucky woman.  I am aware of this day in and day out.  I’m so blessed to have had the gift to conceive without a hitch and then give birth to two healthy boys.  I continue to count my blessings each and every day with the health of my family. 

Just a few days after Trina and I posted about our search for a charity to support, I had a meeting with a woman selling advertising for a radiothon-a pitch I knew I’d be declining on behalf of my boss.  The sales exec detailed that the proceeds of the radiothon would be going to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, an organization which raises funds and generates awareness of for the benefit of children and local children’s hospitals.  She illustrated stories of a few children who have benefited from the donations to the organization and suddenly, I was wide-awake in a meeting I initially had little interest in. 

There are so many children out there having to fight for their lives.  Whether they’re two, eight or fifteen; whether its cancer, birth defects, a blood disorder, appendicitis or a broken bone –they are having to find strength and persevere through experiences and hardships I probably have never come close to.  These children are heroes.  And I decided I want to reach out to them.

A strong factor for me in choosing Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is that donations could stay local.  Medical University of South Carolina Children’s Hospital, the largest and most comprehensive pediatric healthcare system in the state, is just fifteen miles from my front door.  As I plan to raise my children right here in Charleston, I would be proud knowing donations would stay in my community.  However, if you send a lot of followers our way (or not), shoot me an email and tell me which children’s hospital you’d like to see next month’s donations go, and I’d be happy to oblige.

To learn more about Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, founded by Marie Osmond and her family in 1983, check out their national website.  Stories by the Network’s Champions will enrich your soul-read about the Champion of your state right here! 
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Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Why I Chose National Children’s Advocacy Center

What better day to talk about charities than Christmas day.  As I stare at my two beautiful and most importantly, protected and safe children open their gifts with anticipation and glee....I can't help but feel a tiny bit of sadness deep inside.  I can’t just spend this day with my family, enjoying such a wonderful holiday while also knowing that there are so many children out there who are abused…mistreated.  Maybe don’t even get a Christmas day because their parents are on drugs, or alcohol…or whatever.  I can’t simply just be on Christmas, or any other day. 
I look at my children, their precious faces…their innocence amazing.  And I think to myself…I would kill for these small beings.  I would do the same for your children.  I would do anything necessary to protect any child in the world.  So I’m putting my money where my mouth is and beginning here.  I urge you to join me!  Stop just being here…stop just living in your own little world.  I know all about it, because I’ve done it for years.  You can make a difference.  If you save one child from being beaten, sexually abused…ONE CHILD.  Even one incident of abuse, its well worth it.  It’s worth a lifetime of sending money, volunteering…whatever is necessary. 

The National Children’s Advocacy Center is the charity I chose due to my passion for protecting children.  Their website is here:  Take a moment and check it out.  Ever dollar counts.  Their mission statement: Models, Promotes and delivers Excellence in child abuse response and prevention through service, education and leadership.  Also, one of their recent articles: Once again, child sexual abuse allegations have people everywhere shaking their heads in disbelief. Anger and frustration fill the airwaves, news columns, and blogs with questions like "How did this happen?" and "How did it go unreported for so long?"  Many organizations, including the National Children's Advocacy Center (NCAC) have responded to the Penn State Scandal. 
THEIR INFO ON GIVING:  One of the easiest ways that you can help the abused children served by the National Children’s Advocacy Center (NCAC) is by joining our Protectors’ Circle.  Abuse robs its victims of their childhood and the innocence every child deserves.  By making a financial contribution you are helping us better serve as a beacon of hope.  Please make plans to include the NCAC in your annual giving. Please contact Meredith Payne, Development Coordinator at 256-327-3783 or by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.
There are two easy ways that you can make a donation to the Protectors' Circle:
1. By giving online, you can not only donate the easy way, but you can manage your account and update your information, see previous donations, print off tax letters, register for events and much more!
2. Donations can also be sent by mail along with this
form (online) to The Protectors' Circle at 210 Pratt Avenue, Huntsville, AL 35801
Merry Christmas from my family to yours...thank you for taking the time to follow our blog, to read our posts...we truly are blessed to have you all in our lives!