Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Holy Competition, Batman!

"I want the right seat!" And the race begins.  My two sons scramble their little feet to the car shoving and climbing to get to the right seat first.  The right seat. The glorious right seat.

This declaration made by Luke a few months ago, that the "right seat" was indeed the best seat in the car, became a subtle relief to me.  What's that you say? No more fighting with the kids to get them to the car?  All I have to say as we're leaving the house now?

"Whoever gets to the car first gets the right seat!" I shout out, keys in hand. I've never seen two kids get dressed and out the door so fast! 

Oh, but yes, it gets better...

"Whoever eats ALL their green beans first will be the strongest and the tallest brother!"  And their greens are gone!

"Let's see who can pick up all the toys the fastest!"  And our living room is clean!

They're even competing for our attention now.  If Zealand trips over the dog and hurts his elbow, Luke follows behind him crying out, "I just tripped over Yukon too and hurt my elbow too! Kiss me too!"

And aren't I the luckiest mommy in the world...when one son picks me a flower, my other son rushes to pick two.

Competition...I think I love you!

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