Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Enjoying The Beautiful Things in Life

It's funny how much working 40 hours changes a person.  At least, me.  I had two very special days off a week, in which I was exceptionally choosy about how I spent them.  Whether it be just sitting around the house in my sweats because I never got to do it, or spending time with only my closest friends.

Now, I have time on my hands.  Yes, it's crazy and hectic with two young kids...but there's time.  I excitedly make plans, or try to, for four of five days of the week.  We've seen the fish hatchery, rifle falls, the little sprinkler water park, a hike or two.  We go to the library each week and get new books for the kids, and in a week they start swim lessons.  The beginning of August, hopefully Callie will start gymnastics, she's so competitive and great at things like that - and rather than dread having one more thing to do, I'm excited.  We have the time now.

Each outing isn't a rushed event, it's one done at leisure.  Yesterday I spent time with two neighbors and friends and their kids at the water park, and enjoyed the sunshine (and shade) chatting and watching our children have a great time.  Before we knew it, the morning was gone, and it was time to come home and make lunch.  During my "working" days, a day like that would have been a stretch.  There would have been housework and a laundry list of items to do.  I would have been rushed, and likely - not even able to really fully enjoy the day, knowing I had to make the most of each hour.  Instead, we were making plans for our next get-together.

I hear "aren't you supposed to be writing" a whole lot, mostly from people who work.  Of course they are joking, and it does make me laugh because all my pictures on Facebook are of me and the kids doing some fun activity and it looks like all pleasure.  And to be honest? It is.  I get up and write in the a.m.  I write at naptime most days.  I sometimes write in the evening if I can - there's no longer guilt because I spend all day with them. I can work a quarter of the time and do something I completely love...while also enjoying life rather than seeing the hours pass by swiftly on a time clock.

Everyone's different, and many people have to work so they make the best of their time and many people are wired differently then me and can totally appreciate their two days off and let things go they can't do and move on Monday a.m.  That's just not me though.  So, for now I'll be thankful I have this opportunity, pray I continue to see the little successes i'm seeing along the way...and enjoy the beautiful things in life. ~Trina

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